"We love the way Savvy Dogs trains using positive reinforcement. The results
were effective, almost immediate, and easy to remember and practice.
We would highly recommend them to anybody looking to train their dog(s)
without admonishing or instilling fear." -
Jane C. Rockville, MD

"I can't imagine a better trainer than Mirga for our beloved dog Patrick who is a pit bull mix one year old. Not only does Mirga blend a love for our dog with firm instuctions, she also brings sheer intelligence about dog behavior to her training. Patrick has made huge strides in his behavior since training with Mirga, including walking obediently, appropriate behavior around strangers and self control in the home. Our family is a huge fan and very grateful."- Roy H. Darnestown, MD

Mirga and a group of well-behaved dogs Does your dog:

  • Jump all over you and your guests?
  • Drag you relentlessly down the street?
  • Bark and lunge at other dogs when you're out for a walk?

We can help ...

  • Train your dog to respond to obedience commands.
  • Modify a variety of behavior problems from excessive barking to not coming when called.
  • Improve your dog's manners so he can sit to say hello and walk nicely on a leash.

At Savvy Dogs we specialize in a better behaved dog.

We give you:

  • Convenience: With our in-home and board & train private training programs we do the training for you.
  • Professional Services: Certified trainers with knowledge and experience
  • Customized Training: Client-specific training plans that work for your dog and fit with your lifestyle.
  • Education: Private coaching using proven and effective training methods to help you train your own dog.

Result: A better behaved dog.

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